Course Instructor

Information Technology Ethics (2019 Spring)

In this course, we explore a number of ethical issues associated with information technology including privacy, intellectual property, online hate speech, online friendship, algorithmic decision making, the meaning of humanity, and the digital divide. All the issues we discuss converge into the consideration of how to stop inequality and discrimination with the use of information technology and to promote social justice in this era. 

Science and Philosophy (2018 Summer)

This course examines a number of important issues in the philosophy of science, including the demarcation problem, the role of objectivity in science, the relationship between indigenous and scientific knowledge, and the role of values in science. 

Teaching Assistant

Logic I (2020 Winter): Introduction to formal logic

  • Class size: 94 students

  • Duties include leading tutorials, holding office hours, and grading.

Mind, Matter, and God (2016 Winter/ 2020 Fall): Introduction to metaphysics & epistemology

  • Class size: 79 students

  • Duties include leading tutorials, holding office hours, and grading.​​

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